I am proud to have had my voice used by the following companies. But of course there are also numerous smaller firms that use my services, from the plumber’s round the corner to the local pub at the end of the street.

Our project experience in a nutshell: simple, efficient, professional!

Pascal Signer, c-alm AG

For many years Roy Gablinger has been our chosen partner for audio recordings of all kinds and it has been a delight to work with someone so reliable. We are always highly satisfied as Roy Gablinger is extremely proactive! He points out any imperfections in the voice-over texts and is always available to help. He queries any late delivery and deals promptly with any amendments or special client requests. His prices are fair and transparent, and definitely represent value for money. Recordings are stored in an archive so that when we come to make changes the following year, everything is still there. We have very tight schedules and without the flexibility that Roy Gablinger offers we would undoubtedly have missed many a deadline. Roy Gablinger comes highly recommended in every respect and we look forward to working with him again.

Kathrin Schäppi, Swiss Learning Hub AG

A brief story – Helium



In 2006, the late Dani Fäsch came up with the idea of us making a commercial which involved me inhaling helium beforehand. 

So he ordered a massive 910-litre helium canister. It actually worked very well. My voice sounded exactly like Mickey Mouse, but I felt so sick afterwards that the client was worried there might be problems further down the line and we ended up not getting past the layout stage.