What I offer

I am a professional voice actor and voice-over artist with my own studio.
Full-time. So fast turnaround guaranteed.

What I do and how

Just find a voice actor and narrator:
Offering professional voice-overs in both German and Swiss German. Native in both. On request I can also speak Swiss High German – anything from the full «à la Emil» to something a bit more subtle.

As a voice talent I provide voice-overs for TV and radio commercials, billboards and trailers. You will also hear me in cinema and internet commercials, at POS, as a station voice and in documentaries, image films, synchronisations, audio-guides and cartoons; my voice has also featured in countless explainer films, animation videos and e-learning courses and even now and then, when a female voice is not required, on telephone answering machines.

Having my own studio means I can produce and edit voice recordings with a fast turnaround and send them to you in your preferred audio format ready to download.


The process is fast and simple. You write or give me a call. We have a chat. I actually prefer to talk on the phone as it means we can straight away iron out any ambiguities there might be in the text or discuss any special expressions or emphasis you wish to have. But if you prefer to write, that’s fine too. If you want you can even participate in the recording from your end using remote recording via IP (internet) and headphones. Either direct or just listen in – your choice. I will send a link that takes you straight to my vocal booth.

Custom Demo

On request I am happy to record a short excerpt from your text free of charge to give you an idea how it will sound. Because it can sometimes be difficult to imagine the result. 

You might be wondering:
How will my product or project sound with this voice?
Will it sound too much like ‘ad-speak’?
Too ordinary?  

Which is why I offer free custom demos. Just send me an excerpt from your script and I will produce a short recording.

Babilon – the voice-over boutique

For when you want a different voice talent for your project or production. A female voice-over. Other languages. French. Italian. UK English. US English. Nidwald dialect. Mandarin. Whatever the language, you’re sure to find what you need in the «Babilon» voice-over boutique. Just go to: babilon.ch or babilon.com.

A brief story – 007



Many, many years ago – it happened to be in a sound studio in our beautiful capital city – I was booked for a radio commercial for a car showroom. After a few takes, the client suddenly said: «Do you think you could possibly make it a bit more shaken not stirred?» 

As it happened, I had been watching a James Bond film the previous evening – I guess the client had too – and so I was able to get into the right groove, imagine that I was on Her Majesty’s Secret Service and produce some pretty cool takes. Result: one happy client!