I have my own professional sound studio. Which means I can offer quick turnaround times for recordings. Directed by me or with live input from you via remote recording. I will send the link you need. Or we can use Skype.

Vocal booth

At the heart of my studio set-up is a soundproofed vocal booth. The totally decoupled construction of the twin-shell construction provides the best values for sound insulation for all acoustic situations.
Acoustic modules are used to adjust the interior acoustics to suit any taste and any requirements.


I use the following hardware to achieve the best possible sound:

  • Microphones from the German company Brauner Microphones
  • Vovox sound conductor
  • Grace Design m201 microphone preamp with A/D converter module
  • RME audio interface


My preferred software for recording and editing is Adobe Audition – an obvious choice given that I am Adobe’s official German voice! And of course not forgetting the amazing WAVE plugins.


To connect with me live I will send you either a Session Link Pro, ipDTL, Cleanfeed or Source-Connect-Now link or you will send me a similar link - whichever way round we decide to do it.
Of course a simple Skype or phone call will work just as well.

A brief story – Eschenmoser



While at acting school I lived in shared accommodation with 11 other people in beautiful Kirchgasse in the Oberdorf district of Zürich. Amid the chaos of student life, ping-pong sessions in the garden and plenty of parties, I decided to launch myself into a career as a voice actor. I very soon realised that I wanted to offer my clients recordings that I had produced at home. Apart from plunging me into debt for a while, getting hold of the right equipment was not a problem. But a space to work in... Where would I actually make my recordings? How could I achieve the best possible sound? So I took myself off to «Eschenmoser», picked up one of those massive boxes that large-screen TVs come in, lined it with foam and hung it from the ceiling with the open end downwards. When I was ready to record I would stand inside my home-made ‘booth’, ask my housemates to keep the noise down a bit… and I was good to go!